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“Be yourself!”

That’s what we tell young people today.

But of course as we grow up, we come to understand that there’s more to creating a great impression than that – that the ‘self’ we present with our family or friends isn’t always the ‘self’ we put forward in an interview or online.

The section on Special Effects was great! I want my colleagues to hear it!

A lack of confidence can impact:

  • engagement and results in education
  • relationships with friends and family
  • the choices teens make
  • crucially, long-term happiness
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Theatre of You gives young people the confidence to present the best version of themselves in any situation.

Workshops and one-to-one sessions explore a variety of situations through exercises created especially for young people. We cover how the way we speak – our tone and our choice of words – affects the way we are perceived; how we can use our body language to convey a particular message; how some actors use animals to help them discover aspects of characters, and how others use props to find their power; how to find inner confidence in any situation; and how to use the energy of their nerves to power them through to reaching goals.

Theatre of You can help:

  • Improve communication skills
  • Increase motivation
  • Reduce nerves and anxiety
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improve relationships with friends, family and educators
  • Increase happiness

Sessions are available as a series of one-to-ones, or as a full or half-day workshop taking place on-site at Sixth Form Colleges, in schools and as part of extracurricular clubs.

Andy presents in an extremely engaging way, offering you powerful tools that get you the results you need.
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Theatre of You is available as a day-long or half-day workshop, or as a series of one-to-one sessions.

“All the world’s a stage.”

– William Shakespeare

Workshops include:

  • Character
    The roles we play
  • Backstory
    Shaping perspectives
  • Archetypes
    Enhancing your best characteristics
  • Motivation
    The power of knowing what you want
  • Casting Director
    Choose your own role
  • Warm up
    Powerful preparation
  • Body language
    Making an impact
  • Script
    The power of choosing the right words
  • Special effects
    Reality is subjective
  • Wardrobe
    Appearance matters
  • Stage fright
    Making fear work for you
  • Performance
    Your moment to shine
  • Applause
    Accepting praise
What you said about truth really struck a chord with me. Thank you.
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