Team Workshops

Confidence Workshops for the Corporate World

Andy Pandini’s training and experience as a professional actor has given him a number of great skills and techniques that can be valuable to all of us – in our professional and personal lifes.

Whilst working as a professional role play actor, Andy began to develop the model for Theatre of You workshops. These workshops are designed to empower individuals by engaging professional acting techniques to build confidence, enhance self-esteem and to help them to perform to the best of their abilities both in life and at work.

With the support and expertise of psychologist and researcher Dr Megan Arroll, Andy created Theatre of You to teach individuals the skills to capitalise on every opportunity.

Theatre of You workshops are practical and effective. They take teams and individuals through a series of tried and tested acting techniques supported by psychological theory – from character motivation and backstory through to development and physicality.

Theatre of You is a high-impact, energetic and performance-enhancing workshop for corporate teams.

The workshop can be structured around specific learning outcomes relevant to your team, but our tried and tested format is particularly successful in engaging and developing the skills to:

  • create a great first impression
  • overcome nerves and anxiety
  • communicate with passion and clarity
  • use voice and body language effectively
  • deliver great presentations fearlessly
  • become strong negotiators
  • influence and persuade stakeholders
  • sell with confidence
  • close the deal

In the same way that an actor prepares to perform their role, we as team members can consciously prepare to excel in the workplace.

About the Workshops

Assertiveness, strong negotiation skills and the ability to deliver powerful and persuasive presentations are critical to success at all levels in today’s corporate environment.

A lack of confidence at work holds us back from reaching our potential and kills creativity.

Rather than continually playing out limiting stories and scripts, we can learn to enhance the characteristics of ourselves that we wish we to emphasise, until they come naturally to us.

Workshops take place in house or off site and can be tailored to the specific needs of your company or department to transform specific aspects of professional performance and take your team to the next level.

Theatre of You is available as a day-long or half-day workshop, or as a series of one-to-one sessions.


Contact Andy to find out how Theatre of You can improve your team’s performance

Workshop Content Examples

  • Character
    The roles we play
  • Backstory
    Shaping perspectives
  • Archetypes
    Enhancing your best characteristics
  • Motivation
    The power of knowing what you want
  • Casting Director
    Choose your own role
  • Warm up
    Powerful preparation
  • Body language
    Making an impact
  • Script
    The power of choosing the right words
  • Special effects
    Reality is subjective
  • Wardrobe
    Appearance matters
  • Stage fright
    Making fear work for you
  • Performance
    Your moment to shine
  • Applause
    Accepting praise

What People Say…

Andy presents in an extremely engaging way, offering you powerful tools that get you the results you need.

The section on Special Effects was great! I want my colleagues to hear it!

I’m going to take these techniques back to the office and start using them immediately.


You had me in the first five minutes!

LouiseDIY Retailer