About Us

Theatre of You exists to provide you with the skills you need to persuade and inspire. It’s about breaking free of the self-imposed limitations that keep so many of us from achieving our full potential. It’s about changing our scripts and becoming the best version of ourselves.

Created by professional actor Andy Pandini and developed with the expertise of psychologist and researcher Dr Megan Arroll, Theatre of You teaches individuals to capitalise on every opportunity.

Workshops bring together a series of tried and tested performance techniques supported by psychological theory to increase your confidence, optimise your talent and take your performance to the next level.

Do you know why method actors stay “in character”, even when they’re not filming?

We are creatures of habit. The more that a method actor acts like and lives their part, the more absorbed in that character he becomes and the more natural it feels to behave that way.

The more we do something, the more effortless it becomes, until we no longer have to try.

Theatre of you is not about pretending.

We perform multiple roles at work and in life each day, and we naturally adapt to these different roles without a second thought.

Psychologists have proven over and over again that if we act happy, we feel happier. If we act confident, we feel more confident. Consistently act “as if” and you’ll find yourself developing that characteristic and forming that habit.

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Andy Pandini

Theatre of You was founded by award winning actor and writer Andy Pandini, recognised internationally for his work in film, TV and theatre.

Andy created Theatre of You to empower individuals by engaging professional acting techniques to build confidence, enhance self-esteem and to help them to perform to the best of their abilities both in life and at work.

Best known for his role alongside Oscar-winner Jon Voight in Baby Geniuses, Pandini also stars in A Christmas Tail – winner of Best Kids Film at Cannes 2012, Harold’s Going Stiff – Total Film Top British Horror Movie, in the BBC’s Holby City and the current ITV series Birds of a Feather. Pandini is an acclaimed stand-up comedian, having performed at Glastonbury Festival, Edinburgh Festival and on TV’s Cyber Cafe. He has also featured in major advertising campaigns for brands such as Friends Reunited, Nokia and Sky TV.

Pandini writes for BBC Radio 4 comedy and penned the first contemporary work performed at the Rose Theatre on London’s Bankside – The Mass Suicide Club.

Andy is an experienced teacher and has worked extensively with youth actors at Redroof Theatre School.

Dr Megan Arroll

Theatre of You was created with the expertise and guidance of Dr Megan Arroll, a Chartered Psychologist with the BPS.

Megan runs her own research consultancy, Simply Research and is a Chartered Scientist under the Science Council, a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

An experienced researcher who specialises in both quantitative and qualitative methods, Megan has worked in the fields of education, technology and most extensively health research.

She holds a masters degree in Research Methods and Psychological Assessment, including Level ‘A’ Psychometric Testing qualification from the British Psychological Society.

Megan published two books last year and has taught and conducted research at numerous higher education institutions including The Open University, the University of Surrey and The University of East London.